• Wheelchair

    Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. It doesn’t necessarily mean catastrophe or tragedy but sometimes it is the small or short-term things can have a big impact on your ability to fulfill your plans. Recently, quite unexpectedly, I broke my toes. It was a small accident with big consequences. Suddenly I found myself completely incapacitated […]

  • Amanda-Trust-2.jpg

    I Don’t Trust My Team

    As an Executive Coach and believer in empowerment as part of management strategies, Trust is one of the top issues that is first raised when I start working with a new company.  And it is often one of the least understood in terms of where trust is missing. Regardless of whether you have built the […]

  • We are going to Prison for the next few weeks!

    It is true! Amanda Murrell Associates, and our partners Gillian Ormston of Double Trouble and Jacqueline Jardine of Jardine White Consulting, will be spending some time in Bedford Prison delivering our jointly developed “On My Way” Empowerment programme to a number of male offenders. Here at AMA we have always recognised that there is a need […]

  • What have we been doing?

    June and July have been our busiest months on record! So, what have we been getting up to that has seen us delivering on average 14 courses a week! Not only have we been delivering…… Customer service training for Beds University Vauxhall VCT training for all Vauxhall retailers on the new OnStar product An Empowerment […]

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    Are you catering for the Millennials?

    Are you catering for the Millennial’s? Recent research by a recruitment consultancy has found that 91% of millennial professionals (individuals born between 1980 and 1999) place career progression at the top of their wish list when looking at job offers. But what the research also found is that this level of importance is not matched […]

  • Instant Feedback – our newest Partner

    Amanda Murrell Associates are now working in partnership with “Instant Feedback” Instant Feedback is an innovative customer service feedback system that is tailored to the specific needs of your business by a team of expert consultants. Could your business benefit? Used at the end of the customer’s experience whilst payment is processing, Instant Feedback allows for […]

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    Come On England

    England has reached the football World Cup semi-final  – we don’t hear that very often! But this time it is all (nearly) about the Women.  This World Cup is changing the way women’s football is perceived, giving a world screen to the female players and real national focus to the game that is so easily […]