Does change make you nervous?

The extreme fear of change is also known as metathesiophobia; even the word sounds scary! This is when change, no matter how small, fills you with dread and can force you to avoid situations altogether!

You don’t have to have a full-blown phobia to feel nervous about a life transformation that is happening. Humans have the need to feel in control and therefore we like our routine. Unfamiliar circumstances can cause even the most relaxed of us to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Change is ultimately unavoidable. Life changes you will experience may include: starting a new job, being made redundant, having a baby, mourning a loved one, moving to a new house, having your children move away, getting married, getting divorced… the list is endless!

Despite what people like to believe, it isn’t true that we become better at dealing with change as we progress through life. In fact, it can be quite the opposite! The older we get or the more successful our business is, the harder it can be to notice and acknowledge the developments that are constantly happening. Being forced into unavoidable change results in us feeling nervous, stressed and anxious. If we try to suppress these feelings, they present themselves in us having low mood, trouble sleeping or the inability to concentrate. It follows that it could be potentially harmful for us to resist change, and so seeking help to deal with change will benefit you in both your work and personal life.

Don’t face change alone; a supported change will always be more successful.

We all know that a problem shared is a problem halved. However, when telling a loved one about the difficulties you are having with a change in your life they may not be sympathetic. They can’t help but tell you that your life in in fact great, or even just how much more difficult their life is. Even if you are blessed to know an un-interrupting and patient listener, sharing your thoughts with them can cause you feel like a burden or even feel embarrassed for bringing up the problem.

Having a professional coach will give you the powerful and unbiased listening ear that will support you through change. Your chosen coach will creating a safe space in which you can openly talk through any worries and insecurities. They will use their experience and knowledge to guide you to making the choices that are the best for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your business or in your personal life, a coach can help you!

Contacting a coach really can transform your life! Don’t hesitate, contact Amanda Murrell Associates today to make the best out of the changes in your life!

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