June 2015

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  • Instant Feedback – our newest Partner

    Amanda Murrell Associates are now working in partnership with “Instant Feedback” Instant Feedback is an innovative customer service feedback system that is tailored to the specific needs of your business by a team of expert consultants. Could your business benefit? Used at the end of the customer’s experience whilst payment is processing, Instant Feedback allows for […]

  • Come On England

    England has reached the football World Cup semi-final  – we don’t hear that very often! But this time it is all (nearly) about the Women.  This World Cup is changing the way women’s football is perceived, giving a world screen to the female players and real national focus to the game that is so easily […]

  • Take a lunch break – now!

    Everyone is busy. As a coach, an employer, a friend and a mentor,  I haven’t met a person in the last few months who isn’t rushed off their feet, either with work, family, or day-to-day chores. Sometimes, days roll into weeks, weeks in month, and we constantly find ourselves wishing for more hours, more time, […]

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    People Skills

    Visual perception plays a big role in our everyday life. It helps us in learning and interacting with others and is something I raise awareness of when I am working with groups. For example, look at this image; what do you see?   Do you just see a lion? Or do you see the people? […]