What We Do

At Amanda Murrell Associates we can offer you:

  • Solutions to the challenges that are stopping your organisation from moving forwards.
  • Working with you to help to empower your workforce and increase productivity.
  • Facilitation and support for projects and event management, including: workshops, focus groups, corporate events and conferences.
  • A range of business development services, including: building customer relationships, networking, communications, and staff and customer satisfaction.
  • Training & development

    Training & Development

    • Tailor-made courses
    • Providing solutions to challenges
    • Enabling change
    • Supporting transformation
    • Empowering your workforce
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Consultation best practice
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  • Personal Development

    Personal Development

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  • Personal Development


    • Workshops
    • Focus groups
    • Conferences
    • Public meetings
    • Exhibitions
    • Corporate events
    • Community events
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  • Engagement

    Engagement & Consultation

    • Bridging the gap between staff & customers
    • Stakeholder management
    • Effective consultation
    • Surveys & questionnaires
    • Participatory Budgeting
    • Effective engagement methods
    • Communications for communities
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  • Clarity


    • Effective personal development
    • Personal profiling
    • Affordable & accessible
    • Behavioural model
    • Psychometric tool
    • Ideal for team development
    • Based on colour to identify the 4 personality types
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  • Empowerment Programme

    Empowerment Programme

    • Realising your potential
    • Reducing offending behaviour
    • Working with offenders in prison
    • Empowering patient groups
    • Helping young people into employment
    • Confidence skills for people returning to work
    • Coaching for individuals and teams
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