The Only Constant in Life is Change

Life is certainly uncertain. It doesn’t matter who you are, life will always throw challenges your way. No matter if we expect them not to, these speed bumps that appear in our path can sometimes feel more like mountains. Even when we can influence them, these challenges can still be overwhelming and confusing, leaving us feeling lost and unsure of which path to choose next, or even that we failed altogether.

No matter what the change in your life may be, there is always both an associated loss and gain. Even positive change can make us feel stressed and anxious. Consider the excitement of getting married or the joy having a baby. Both are two of the happiest times of our lives, and yet they can cause immense amounts of stress. We need to acknowledge these mixed feelings of loss and gain.

Change can of course also be painful, unforeseen and uncontrollable. Career changes, such as being made redundant or retiring; personal changes, such as being diagnosed with illness or moving to a new house; or changes in your relationship, such as getting divorced or losing a loved one. Most people will experience many of these changes throughout their lifetime, and it is common to be overwhelmed and feel like you cannot come out of the other side.

Not only are coaches an invaluable source for helping you to draw out conclusions and by appropriate questioning enable you to see how to build your business and manage your team; but they are also hugely beneficial for supporting you through other big life changes, helping you to come out a stronger and better person. A coach will help you to acknowledge the change, giving you clarity on the things that you can and cannot control. Despite change bringing a multitude of confusing emotions, a coach will turn emotional thinking into factual and productive thinking.

Asking for help can feel daunting, but after broaching a difficult subject with a coach that you have an established relationship with, it will be easier to face the challenges associated with the change you are going through. A coach will also support you to ask for help from other sources and consider alternative therapies to help you to cope with the change. They give you a chance to simply vent about anything that is on your mind, which, importantly, stops you from feeling alone.

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