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  • The Only Constant in Life is Change

    Life is certainly uncertain. It doesn’t matter who you are, life will always throw challenges your way. No matter if we expect them not to, these speed bumps that appear in our path can sometimes feel more like mountains. Even when we can influence them, these challenges can still be overwhelming and confusing, leaving us […]

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    The benefits of developing softer skills in schools

    I read with interest the recently published article, which looked at how educational establishments are selected in the UAE and the role of education in creating the future generations for the workforce. Whilst the Dubai and UAE education system is quite different to the United Kingdom, it is true that we are all striving to […]

  • Soft Skills Breakthrough!

    Last week I read an article in the e-BBC News, Education and Family section that brought music to my ears! It read, “Soft skills” need to be taken much more seriously as factors for business success, says a campaign by employers. These are skills such as communication, initiative, interacting with customers and team working. Research […]

  • The Value of Training Staff

    Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that people are the most important asset.  You put a great deal of energy in to recruiting the right people – so why for most people does the investment stop there? Do all your employees fully understand their jobs?  Would they be able to tell you exactly […]

  • Winning an award makes it all worthwhile

    This month I am going to write from my President of Bedfordshire Business Women role for a change! Especially as this has been one of the most amazing months for me both personally and professionally as a result of my Presidency.

    June 2013 was a monumental month for Bedfordshire Business Women (BBW) with the prestigious BBW awards and 25th anniversary ball taking place at The Sharnbrook Hotel. After months of preparation and many a sleepless night, to stand back and look at the amazing women and all they have achieved throughout the year, made me feel very proud and very privileged to be a part of such a fantastic group.

    When I took over as President of BBW I never thought I would remember people’s names but looking round the room it was like an extended family. I know every member’s name and even some of the names of their support networks, and it was so nice to talk to people in the glittering but relaxed environment.

    The announcement of the award winners was the surprising part of the evening. Nobody, including me, was aware of the results, as the whole process had been outsourced to ensure complete fairness and independence.  And I was absolutely shocked (but truly delighted) to have won the Bedfordshire Business Woman of the Year Award 2013. This is the first award I have ever won and I am still pinching myself!  Thank you to everyone who took part in the process, whether through nominating someone or through your award submission, and well done to everyone involved.

    For anyone entering an award, the process itself really focuses you to think about what you have achieved and is a great way to record and reflect on your progress. And even if you are not the overall winner, it will give you a tremendous confidence boost, and encourages you to go back to colleagues/associates for testimonials. And if you are a winner, then you can use that success to keep building your business for the future.

    So, after a fabulous night of good times and success, on behalf of BBW I would like to express thanks to both the Mayor and Richard Fuller MP for their support to BBW, and of course to all of our wonderful sponsors and supporters on the night, without you we could not have made the night so memorable.

    I would encourage any woman in business in Bedfordshire to come along to one of our meetings. BBW is a friendly group, where we offer support and encouragement to all of our members and guests, we provide plenty of opportunities for women in business to collaborate and work for each other.

    Amanda Murrell