The Value of Training Staff

Anyone who owns or runs a business knows that people are the most important asset.  You put a great deal of energy in to recruiting the right people – so why for most people does the investment stop there?
Do all your employees fully understand their jobs?  Would they be able to tell you exactly what is required of them?  An outstanding training program can help you retain staff – they are happy because they feel they have career development opportunities and you are happy because you can keep staff who know and love their jobs.  It is more cost effective to train existing staff than to employ new people.
If training gives you even a 1% improvement on performance think how much more you would be getting from your existing employees if you give them opportunities to learn and improve this year.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that training will take up too much of your employees’ time!  It is without doubt the best investment you could make to improve not only productivity but staff moral too and build a more powerful, positive company structure.
Amanda Murrell Associates can help with both job specific and management training.  We can help you set expectations of your management team, provide staff workshops and mentoring and implement an ongoing training provision within your company to help you and your team achieve your goals.

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