Don’t wait till February to make the most of your budget!


Everybody wants to get the best possible value from their budget but there are always some areas where deciding how much to spend and how to spend it cost-effectively raises questions. This often applies to investment in training.

If you are worrying about applying your budget efficiently then find opportunities to buy training over a long-term period – often a far better value strategy than booking ad hoc courses. And you can pay up front before 31st March to ensure maximum impact on staff progress against minimal impact on next years finances.

Ask yourself the question – why do we need training? To get the most from your team! But, before you book, make sure it can be measured and evaluated so that you can find exactly what works best for you – and know what to devote your budget to in the next financial year.

Give yourself time to put the lessons learned from training into practice with real opportunities before embarking on more courses. Don’t lose the benefit by not checking that the knowledge gained is being used effectively and provide post-training support.

Amanda Murrell Associates can provide your company with a long-term tailor made training program and consulting on best practice to suit your company’s needs.


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