Come On England


England has reached the football World Cup semi-final  – we don’t hear that very often! But this time it is all (nearly) about the Women. 

This World Cup is changing the way women’s football is perceived, giving a world screen to the female players and real national focus to the game that is so easily given to the men’s team, but rarely given to the women’s.

But even with all this female triumph, football as a whole is somewhere females fail to fill the shoes of ‘coach’ or ‘manager’.  When the World Cup started, women led only 8 out of 24 teams in the group stages; and once down to the final 8 teams only 2 teams remained coached by women frankreich cialis.

Coaching, as a business concept is not something that is predominantly one sex or the other, however when it comes to sports there is a significant lack of females in coaching positions.  But why? Business coaching is very similar to sports coaching.  In sport the aim is optimise performance, support, well-being, tactics and to push you to do more even when you are drained and have nothing left to give. Business coaching is just the same; it’s just coaching a different kind of game.

There are no obvious statistics out there that rate males as coaches over females or vice-versa, but if you use the World Cup as an example, 25% of the female led teams are in the semi finals compared to 12.5% of male led.  And even Andy Murray’s mum has been recently quoted as saying his female coach is the reason for his recently improved success. With females in football now in the spotlight, perhaps a shift from male dominance in sports coaching may start to be seen.

But whatever happens, England are in the final 4, and coincidentally it is guaranteed that the final will contain one team coached by a woman and one by a man, but will a full female line up take the ultimate prize? Or will England make more history and take the coveted title?

Come on England!

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