Bedfordshire’s Entrepreneur of the Year bucks the trend! 

After an already celebratory year being crowned Entrepreneur of the Year and becoming a finalist of the SME National Business Awards at Wembley this December, Amanda Murrell, Managing Director of Amanda Murrell Associates Ltd, is set to really buck the trend at the end of this year when she gets married in Mission Beach, Queensland Australia, to her Fiancé Patrice Angseesing.

Instead of the traditional ‘bride takes groom surname’ scenario, Patrice has decided to take Amanda’s surname at the wedding ceremony and will become Mr Murrell from 20th December 2017. Patrice said “I have lived with Angseesing for the last 62 years and I am looking forward to having a surname which is easier to pronounce! Because of her success in business, it is important for Amanda to remain as A. Murrell, and I am more than happy to become her Mr Murrell.”

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