Did you know it’s National Exporting Week?

Since taking the decision to expand my business overseas, many people ask me how I went about it, what particular things did I have to do to become ‘international’ and if I had any support.

This Friday I am giving a talk at a local exporting event, to offer SME’s like mine the opportunity to find out firsthand about exporting. Part of my presentation looks at my specific pathway to exporting and on reflection there are definitely 3 key messages:

  1. Research – and lots of it!! This is the basis of successful exporting. It may be through exhibitions, events, seminars, the internet, other contacts. It can also be paid for through international companies such as EMRS and OMIS. However you do it – do it!
  2. Get support – specialist organisations such as UKTI offer both practical advice and financial advice on exporting in specific countries. Their advisors have worked in these countries, and have strong contacts. They can get you into the British Embassy and influential companies, notify you of events and missions that may be suitable, and they can advise you on funding – a big important point!
  3. Resource it sufficiently – To really give it a go you need to spend 20% of the time, budget etc. on the exporting. This will increase as the plan to export gathers momentum. So make sure you have the right people to help you – but don’t forget the UK customers either!

I may see some of you this Friday at the Sharnbrook Hotel event, but if you are not able to get there and would like to find out a bit more about the exporting pathway, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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