Make that training count

How many times have you sat through a training course and then walked out of the door never to put any of it into practice again? It may seem like an odd question, but I am sure many people would respond with ‘nearly every time’.

Undertaking training is an investment in ourselves, our staff, and our businesses. We spend thousands of pounds and many hours, even days being trained, attending a workshop, doing pre-coursework, taking time out of the business. We make many notes whilst in the training course, walk away with diagrams, booklets, and lots of useful bits of information.

And then we do nothing more.


We go back to the office and carry on, leaving the notes somewhere to be filed, often becoming covered in other notes, maybe even used as a coaster. They get shuffled somewhere else, we may set eyes on them and think ‘I should really do something with this’ and then they are left to gather dust until being moved once more.

We may occasionally remember something from that training, but it is just a brief reference and not enough to make us pick up the notes and think about implementing something.

We do nothing else, until our next training course when we go through the whole cycle once again.

So, whose job is it to make sure that the time and the money invested in the training is maximised? Here at Amanda Murrell Associates we believe it is a shared responsibility, yours and ours, and as the trainers we always look to train in such a way that the learning is utilised and the follow up actions are undertaken without too much disruption.  We offer follow up mentoring for many of our courses, both to the attendees and the management so that it is kept alive, and we can come back into the business at a later date and offer support and suggestion for further action.

Stop wasting time and money on training that doesn’t extend beyond the classroom door. Contact us today to find out how we can offer you a complete package and ensure all the training you undertake gets put into action and delivers real benefit to your organisation.

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