The Olympic challenge we all face

It is almost time for the 2016 Olympics and one question has been going around my mind for a while: can the Rio Olympics live up to our expectations following such an amazing event in London 4 years ago? Anyone involved in or who attended London 2012 will most likely only have great memories and will find any follow up events do not compare. So, it’s a true challenge for the Rio organisers to try they produce an even better, more memorable event.

Living in England, we feel our Olympics were the best ever. Regardless of our involvement, we feel a personal ownership, a kinship and a desire to share in that success. Our memories of how positive it was may also have been enhanced in our minds by reinforcement from others and it is quite likely that any mistakes or negativity have long been forgotten. This ‘local pride’ makes consumers feel protective of the service or experience that have had from something they feel is representative of them, and is one that creates brand loyalty and builds reputation.

This challenge is also found in business. Historic relationships and positive experiences can make new entrants or new relationships feel that the opportunity isn’t worth the investment or approach.

So, do we as business owners try to better something that has been done before? Or do we look to do things differently.

It is really important that we understand our own niche, and can relay the message about ‘why me’ and what makes us different from our competitors or those who have gone before us. It does take time to work out our USP and we can only truly define what it is that makes us unique through the eyes of others, through coaching or development workshops. We are all limited by our own thinking and often haven’t built up enough confidence in exactly what it is that we are offering; we may also have limited resources.

If you are trying to take on an Olympic sized challenge to get your business into the arena and overtaking your competitors than contact us today for a free discussion on how we can help you understand your niche and make selling your business easy.

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