The past 12 months we have become even more innovative for our Bedfordshire clients.

Amanda Murrell Associates have just finished two high profile pieces of work within the county.

Customer service training with Beds University

This year we have developed a customer service programme that has been accredited by the University of Bedfordshire following in-house delivery and feedback. This has been an amazing achievement and means we can now offer our clients a recognised qualification. More details on this course as well as our one-day customer service course can be found via our training pages.

Vauxhall VCT training for all Vauxhall retailers on the new OnStar product

This summer we have trained all the UK and Irish Vauxhall retailers in collaboration with Fourmative, on new modifications for their vehicles via VCT’s (Video Conference Training). This innovative use of technology for training means that cost-effective training can be delivered around the world at any time of day offering And not only that, flexibility for the client and the ability to review the training at any time. We have also written an effective Communications course for Kia Worldwide (Germany and Korea) again in partnership with Fourmative. If you think this type of training could be beneficial for your organisation, please do get in touch.

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