Clarity4D Taster Session Goes Live

Amanda Murrell Associates Ltd is holding a 2hour taster session of an excellent personal profiling tool Clarity4D, using colours to highlight your behaviour preferences.

Clarity4D is an affordable, accessible, global, learning and development solution incorporating a behavioural model and psychometric tool based on the work of Carl Jung and uses colour to identify the four basic personality traits.

Personality profiling helps people to raise self-awareness, to understand their preferred style of communication and to recognise the personality and styles of communication of their friends, loved-ones and colleagues.

Clarity4D profiles are easy to understand and provide a good basis for a personal development plan and when used in conjunction with personal/professional coaching can maximise the potential of individuals and teams.

Clarity4D is used by many organisations in the following ways:

v  To improve teamwork and leadership

v  For management development

v  To understand how some behaviour could be perceived as “bullying”

v  To introduce the concept of diversity and inclusion into corporate cultures

v  For recruitment, appraisals and coaching

v  To help organisations through cultural change

So if you are involved with young people, teams, individuals, couples or appraisals what have you got to lose? Come and spend 2hours learning how this can enhance what you already do, I can guarantee you will have fun and you will come away from the session with your own report and understanding your own behavioural preferences to use as you see fit.

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