Should the customer have a voice?

The importance you place on customer service may vary by industry type but, regardless of what sector your business is in, your customer is your greatest asset.

Do you give your customers a voice?

This may not be a question that you can answer straightaway, and your first response is probably ‘yes’ but if you look more deeply into your organisation and the way is listens and reacts to the customer, is it really ‘yes’?

For many of the companies I have worked with, there are many great examples of listening to the customer and reacting accordingly. But there are also many poor examples and ones which have impacted badly on the company and damaged both the financial side of things and their reputation. The voice of the customer is now as powerful in the public sector as it is in the private sector.

In today’s world, customers expect you to exceed their expectations; if you don’t they will go elsewhere, to another company that will. And they will probably tell the world how you have not met their needs in the loudest way possible (think Trip Advisor and you are on the right tracks). Customers also want the opportunity to tell you how they feel, to share in their emotions and to feel valued. Does your website or email system offer your customers a chance to share feedback on the service they have received?

Training your staff in Customer Experience Transformation is something we specialise in, and can help you to implement. Now is the time to move your customers from a satisfied and loyal experience to avid brand advocates.

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