Coaches – why have one?

When we go into business, the thought of having a coach is probably a long way from the top of our priority list. The concept of a coach is often seen by some as a luxury, only for Senior Executives in large global corporations with multi-million pound portfolios. But when we start out on our own, there is no better time to use the services of a coach than right then, and depending on your individual goals or needs there are many different options to explore.

  1. Business coaching
  2. Executive coaching
  3. Mentoring
  4. Life coaching
  5. Skills coaching

Some people need one or more types of coaching and as your personal coach it is our job to help you decide what type of coaching you need. We will help you to maximize on your existing skills and experience, to better utilise the resources at your disposal and offer our experience to support your experience.

Following each 1:1 session you will be stronger in your thinking, be able to rise to the situation and offer better decision making skills and decisions to your business. We can address one particular area or challenge, or look at things as a whole – it truly depends on what is happening in your life and your business at that time and we will make sure that we challenge you in your thinking to enable you to gain some valuable tools for going forward.

Having a coach will enable you to do what you already do but better. So what are you waiting for? It is important that you have a coach who you can spark off of, who you can relate to, who you can feel comfortable being with, and who asks the questions that really get you thinking.

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