Workshops for Patient Participation Groups (PPG’s)

A chunk of our workload over the past few weeks has been with NHS organisations who are investing in developing their PPG’s. “Transforming Participation in Health and Care” sets out a clear “Vision for Participation” for all NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to ensure that public, patient and carer voices are at the centre of healthcare services, from planning to delivery. Our half-day workshops are designed to leave the attendees with the skills to empower them to challenge and engage in debate without bringing single issues to the party.

Specific outcomes include participants being able to understand the requirements and expectations of being a Public Participation Group member. They are also given an insight into how different behaviours can affect participation and help to understand the qualities required for relationship management. They learn the skills of how to examine information and reports and be effective in a meeting environment. The workshops offer an insight into the issues and challenges faced when communicating difficult messages and messages that may change, and equip participants with the tools and techniques to be an effective team and work together to increase public awareness through meaningful, innovative engagement and consultation exercises.

Facilitation training for health professionals

Our Facilitation training is aimed at all of those individuals who might be facilitating workshops or events that involve members of the public and patients.  It will equip them with the skills necessary to effectively facilitate health events. The training to date has included GP’s as well as staff involved in delivering events for consultation and engagement projects.   

Time is a precious resource and this half-day course is delivered within 3 hours. Those individuals who have been on the course have found it very beneficial, insightful and provided them with hints and tips to give them the confidence to facilitate to best practice standards.

If you would like to find out more about our training, please contact us here.

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