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  • Has the Scottish referendum just reinforced the need for proper stakeholder engagement?

      With so much media coverage of the imminent referendum, it is inevitable that people’s actions (or lack of them) will come under close scrutiny. With chants of “Vote yes” equally matched by chants of “Vote no” the likely outcome remains unclear, but the attempts to win votes hasn’t diminished. However, it is this element […]

  • Is growth closer than we think?

    How great it is to see the sun and it is amazing how much better everything appears when the sun shines. So it is pretty encouraging all round especially with the news this week that according to the preliminary GDP data released by the Office of National Statistics last month, the UK economy grew by 0.3 per cent between Q4 and Q1.

    In the process, the UK narrowly avoided falling into an unprecedented ‘triple dip’ recession, following the ‘double dip’ at the start of 2012 and the initial – much sharper – fall in output in 2008/09. Courtesy of http://www.thisismoney.co.uk

    Though it is important not to assume that the economy will be as it was pre 2009 we should none the less take heart in the fact that trade does seem to be increasing, so we need to be ready and plan ahead.

    We know that working hard as an entrepreneur comes with the territory, and work-life balance isn’t a luxury most young entrepreneurs can afford. But you can take it too far and wear yourself out, which won’t do you or your business any favours. So in terms of planning you need to take into account the hard work that is necessary to build your business, while allowing free time for recharging when necessary.

    When you are not worn out all of the time you can enjoy what you are doing more.  Getting enjoyment and fulfilment out of your business should be at the top of your priority list, as a lot of other pieces fall into place when that’s taken care of. Plus one of the other unexpected benefits will be that you will run your business better.

    When you’re exhausted, you think you’re making good decisions, but your thought processes can be skewed. Taking time out of the business will give you more clarity, help you to focus on long term business planning and even improve your relationships with staff, vendors and customers.

    So it is important to take time out and enjoy the sunshine making the most of it when you can.  Another feel good factor is to be around like minded people to share your successes and concerns.

    Amanda Murrell