Do You Have Self-Improvement Traits of a Millionaire?

As a coach and mentor, my interest in self-development is fundamental to how I feel about the work I do. I only have to open my Facebook page or LinkedIn profile to realise that the articles I am interested in are all about tips on how to self-improve.

I was doing some research over the weekend and paid particular attention to the articles about productivity and focus. How do the most successful people in the world become so successful? What is it that they are sharing with us to make us believe that we can be like them?

And it seems to be two core principles.

The first: Focus on one thing. This somewhat destroys the theory of multi-tasking and whilst most people out there think that they can multi task, it is actually not effective to do so. There are books, apps and blogs dedicated to showing us that by focusing on just one thing we will achieve a whole lot more.

The second: Get a coach or mentor. This can be on a one to one basis or in a team such as a mentoring group. Every successful person has this to gain support, challenge, headroom. The role of a coach is highly praised in many of the articles about the thought processes of millionaires.


So as the week progresses it might be timely to begin each day thinking about the one thing you want to achieve that day and make it your main focus. You can log it via an app or just write it down, whatever works for you, but making the commitment to do that one thing is really important and will help you improve your motivation and success rates.

And think about getting some type of coaching or mentoring in place. We can offer 1:1 support or give you some ideas about putting together the right support for you. If you would like to know more, please do get in touch.

Now, what’s the one thing you will be doing today?

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