When 5 nights out of 7 are not spent in your own bed


When I look back through my diary since Christmas, I have hardly spent any time at home. As a Trainer and Coach, business travel is a part of the job but lately it has felt like a job in itself. Not that I mind; it is great getting out of the office and seeing new places, even if it is just from the window of the train.

But it can be quite tiring and sometimes difficult to ‘live well’ whilst away from home. I have had to put in place a different way of living to ensure I am able to perform at the top of my game.

Eating and drinking are a key element. I always have bottles of water on me but it can be easy to just keep going until the end of the day before having something to eat, which then puts a lot of pressure on my food choices. Being in new places adds to the challenge of living healthy so I do try to look ahead and see what restaurants will be nearby and try to plan as much of the food and drink options as I can before I get there. Hotel breakfasts are usually plentiful plus some hotels have fruit on the reception. I try to only have fast food as a last resort, but it can be better than nothing!Image

Treating time after the day’s meetings or training as I would when I am not away is also quite challenging. I can sometimes feel guilty for not working all hours, especially when the client is picking up the expenses. It can be tempting to pack in a few more meetings, work later or even try and do some sightseeing but I find this is not sustainable. I have to remember to relax and protect my after work time.

And depending on how long I am going to be in one place depends on how I plan my stay. Longer term stay mean reduced travel, new places every day mean a lot of travel. Travel can often be the most tiring part so having some essential in my handbag can make a journey more beneficial: headphones, paracetamol, water, sunglasses, mints and something to make notes on all help to plan for phone calls, headaches and any spur of the moment ideas that need remembering. Time on a train or plane can be long and uninterrupted so I try to make the most of this time either working or resting.

Travel is a part of my working life and therefore I have to make it work for me, to ensure the rest of my life keeps going whilst I am not at home to enjoy it.

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