Are your Customer Service Skills less than excellent?


Are your Customer Service Skills less than excellent? Being lucky enough to work with a wide range of businesses, it is interesting to see the emphasis placed on staff training. Now I know I have blogged before about making sure that you invest in your staff otherwise they may leave, or worse still they may stay and not perform particularly well. And I know that it can be a real challenge knowing what training to invest in. So I would suggest choosing something that gives a good foundation and supports strong business growth:  Customer Service Training.

Because Customers matter. Regardless of business type, business size, business industry; without customers you would have no business. So it is vitally important that any employee that interacts with customers is given support and training to enable them be effective ambassadors for your business, and help you to exceed customer expectation.

Customer Service

So why Customer Service Training?

Training your employees in customer service will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your business will retain customers and improve profits. Remember: it costs less to retain loyal customers than to acquire new ones.

Training of any kind promotes feelings of value and inclusion within employees. So if the employee feels valued, they in turn will make the customers feel valued. They are also much more likely to turn up each day, perform effectively, and be loyal to your company. Long term gain significantly outweighs any initial investment. Again, it costs less to retain loyal staff than to acquire new ones.

Good listening and questioning skills will shorten the interaction time with customers, so you can serve more customers in less time. And the customer will appreciate prompt service; we are all short of time and quicker effective service helps the customer to feel the experience was a good one all round.

Your customer satisfaction rates will be high, which in turn will increase referrals, return shopping habits and give you great statistics to promote.

Training all employees and enhancing consistent customer service skills, allows them to have a common process and language when assisting customers. It will also motivate and empower staff which in turn will allow the business to brand their interaction of excellent service to the customer, adding value to the business.

With so many benefits to customer service training, isn’t about time you invested in this for your staff?

Here at Amanda Murrell Associates we run a series of 4 courses that will provide participants with a qualification at the end of the programme: Chartered Management Institute Level 3 Qualification in First Line Management – Meeting stakeholder needs – 3003V1 – The programme will give your staff an insight into excellent customer service skills, and will help them to identify who their customers are and how they need to meet customer needs, also looking at behaviours, motivation, individual needs and team work.  If you decided to just dip your toe in the water we also run a one day Masterclass on Excellent Customer Service Skills.  Please do contact me if you would like to find out more.

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