Do you use Personality Profiling to unlock your team’s potential?


There are multiple types of personality profiles available on the market for businesses to use but many teams and employers haven’t invested in any type of profiling for their teams. It can be confusing – do you look at temperaments, colours, types, functions, senses, discs…. the list is pretty long and it is difficult to know which tool to use. However the benefits are fundamentally the same:

Finding out your team’s ‘types’ can unlock business potential and benefit HR systems

It is easier to fully recognise the benefits of this when applied to different business scenarios.

Recruitment – a process which can be time and money hungry and when undertaken badly, can have long term consequences on the team or company as a whole. It can be hard to provide an accurate picture of what the job entails, and equally difficult to work out if the person in front of you will fit in. Personality profiling can be an important and informative part of the recruitment process to ensure that employers and their HR advisors are finding a ‘fit’ between candidate and organisation, and help to determine preferences in advance of a more formal interview.

Management of the Team – it can feel like every team has that ‘one’ person who isn’t quite part of it or who seems to actively chose behaviours that make team work hard work. Profiling tools can help you to gain a mutual understanding and respect for your team and you can develop more efficient strategies for leadership, goal setting, problem solving and giving feedback. Understanding your own preferences can help to increase your productivity, engagement and long term work choices. Understanding the preferences of others can help you all to be more tolerant in different situations.

Communication – being able to talk to a team can be a minefield. How do you make sure what you are communicating is heard, taken in the correct meaning, and fully understood? Personality profiling tools can facilitate better communication in the team. Conflict can be avoided and less time wasted on resolving unnecessary issues.

Money – business is all about profit and investing in any team development, including personality profiling, helps promote positive team work across the whole team and from even before they are hired. And ultimately happy staff produce better results, which means happier customers, better outcomes and greater financial growth.

At Amanda Murrell Associates we believe in the value of investing in staff and we use Clarity4D to great success with our clients. Clarity4D is an affordable, accessible, simple but effective learning and development solution that is globally recognised, incorporating a behavioural model and psychometric tool based on the work of Carl Jung. If you would like to find out more, contact me today.

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