Have you lost your passion?

The definition of passion – intense emotion compelling action. When we say the word passion it instantly creates an image and a feeling. As entrepreneurs and visionaries it’s a word that should feature highly in many aspects of our lives.

When we understand what our passions really are it helps us to work towards our goals and what we really want to achieve, leading us to make choices that will keep us motivated. Without depth of passion many of our ideas and dreams would remain just that – ideas and dreams – and potentially never become anything more.

Having reflected on the past year, as we all do around this time, retrospectively it’s easier to see where the challenges and issues of the last twelve months have been and how during those times it’s sometimes difficult to remain passionate and mindful of where we want our lives to go. We knew the challenges existed, but also knew our motivation had weakened, but at the time and when emotions are involved it’s difficult to see why and where the passion had gone and what we needed to do to get it back.

Practicing what we preach is often the hardest task to perform, as a mechanic very often your car is the last to be repaired or a decorator your home is sadly in need of a makeover. As a coach it comes naturally to me to encourage and promote the passion in a client’s mind to take them to the next level; but as an individual it is sometimes difficult to rekindle my own passions.

My commitment to myself for this year is to invest in my own self-improvement and find an individual or group to help me keep my passions alive and to hold me to account for my own actions around business, planning and the future.

If you too have had times over the past year where your passion had dwindled and things became more of a chore than a delight, then it may now be time to invest in a coach or mentor to help you keep your passions alive. I help people just like you to get focused, create clear goals and overcome those moments when motivation and passion has escaped you, so if you want some support to make 2016 the best year yet please do get in contact via my email or website today.

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”

— E. M. Forster


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