The importance of keeping healthy whilst working hard

Since starting my own business several years ago, there have been times when my health has occasionally been impacted by an accident, being overworked or just by generally catching something along the way. As the years move on I have found it harder to bounce back or to be able to burn the candle at both ends, which when you run your own business is often required!pace

Following a recent unplanned stay in hospital (thankfully short and sweet) I made a promise to myself that I would make ‘me’ a priority and that I would place as much importance on the health and wellbeing of my body as I do on my business. So, the past few weeks I have been acting out my commitment to myself, and now regularly find myself at the gym at 7am (I have never been a morning girl!) and thinking more carefully about my nutrition.

I am delighted by the way it has helped to improve my motivation across every area of my life. I feel better mentally and physically and it has definitely helped me to recover quicker. I am happier, more mindful and getting to sleep is no longer as difficult as I have had time to clear my mind and de-stress.

This hasn’t been an easy task to achieve. If it hadn’t been for the help of my personal trainer, Larissa Clarke, and Matt King, Manager of the local Pace Health Club at the Park Inn in Bedford I probably would have stayed at home more often than not. But, like with any aspect of our lives, you cannot achieve greatness alone. Having support in personal development and social activities is as important as having support in your business. I have truly valued the support they have given me to get back into healthy mode and achieve great results. So, with the summer in full swing, I am on my way to achieving new personal goals, which are also having a really positive impact on the business at the same time; exercise brings with it focus, clarity and space – all of which I welcome.

I would encourage everyone to think about investing as much time and effort in their exercise routine as they do in their business as it has truly paid off for me!

Amanda Murrell


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