Why does training even matter?

What is the point of training when your employees already have the skills to do their job? What if broadening their skills encourages them to move on and take their newly-learnt skills with them? When training takes so much time, why not carry on as things are and use the time to get on with the job? Why does training even matter?

“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business”

– Zig Ziglar

Building people is one of the most import parts of running a business. It benefits everyone: you, your staff and your customers.

Benefits for your employees. Happy employees are vital for a successful business. Providing quality training will lead to improved employee job satisfaction. Your staff will feel valued as you invest time, materials and money in them. It will build their self-confidence and give them motivation to do their job well. Training also works as a recruitment tool; potential employees want to know that the company is going to invest in their future.

Training will ultimately lead to increased safety at work. Whether that is physical, emotional or technological; training is risk management that will help to prevent accidents at work, hacking, and much more.

Benefits for your business. Although there is a cost associated with training, it will save you time and money in the long run. Training creates a more productive workforce, increasing efficiency and profit. Additionally, employees are less likely to make costly, reputation-damaging mistakes.

By deciding what your employees learn, you have more control over your business’ future. You keep your business up to date, as training drives your business techniques forwards. This ensures employees won’t become underqualified as methods advance beyond what they already know. Also, you become less reliant on a small number of employees completing a specific task. How badly will it affect the completion of that task if one of your team is taken ill or retires? Training adds flexibility to your workforce and future-proofs your business.

Benefits for your team. Presuming your staff are fond of their boss (and I am going to accept that as a given!), a primary reason for staff to leave a job is because they felt they were not learning anything new. Training increases employee retention which saves you time and money on hiring. It also adds a sense of security and consistency for your staff, which creates a more stable team.

A knowledgeable team is a more independent team. Team members can complete tasks without relying on other staff and managers, which then allows them to focus on their own jobs. A well-developed training program generates higher quality and efficiency of work. This equates to higher customer reviews, which improves the company image. Working for a respected company gives the team a sense of pride and improves team morale.

So, now I have persuaded you that training is essential for your business, you need to decide what training you can provide in-house and which aspects would be best delivered externally. It is important to choose a trainer who will provide engaging and supportive training that is right for your team. That is where we come in! Contact us to find out what training possibilities there are for your company.

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