How do you manage hostile co-workers?

No matter who we are, or where we work, we will all face difficult co-workers during our careers. It isn’t surprising that there are disagreements when we are in a potentially stressful environment with many varying personalities. However, we spend so much of our time at work, it is necessary to make the work environment a pleasant one. Not only will a positive working environment improve team morale and efficiency, it will make work more enjoyable for you and your colleagues.

Hostile co-workers can take shape in many forms. For example, there are the Avoiders, who use any excuse to not complete tasks. The Gossipers, who would take pleasure in gaining attention from the leaked privacy of others. The Moaners, whose negativity brings down the mood of the entire team. The Unaware, who disgust with their annoying habits, and potentially the worst of all, the Bullies, who cause others to dread coming into work.

Bad working relationships often come from poor communication or unresolved past issues. Developing strong, trusting relationships amongst the team can therefore be the cure. However, good communication can be tricky. It takes courage when holding difficult conversations to address any issues. These conversations are most successful when we do not react impulsively to emotions, but are empathetic with others and understanding of different personality profiles. Every individual has a personality profile which is based on whether we are introverted or extroverted, thinking or feeling. It is managing our dominant personality type that is important in creating strong alliances at work.

Improving the emotional intelligence of yourself and your colleagues leads to an efficient and harmonious team. By becoming aware of different personalities via coaching and profiling, colleagues can learn new ways to better communicate with each other. Confronting issues can be scary, however resolving matters with your co-worker can be extremely rewarding. It shouldn’t be a matter of just surviving at work; it is a place you should gain fulfilment, be creative and flourish. Remember that you are not alone when it comes to managing hostile co-workers; the key is to reach out for help, and we are here to offer guidance.

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