What difference could 60 minutes bring to your life?

I caught the 08.54 train to London today. Until halfway down the line, I was the only person in my carriage. By the time we pulled into London I still had a table to myself and had spent the hour relaxed in my own company. It had given me time to run through a few ideas I have had recently and also cross off a few of the outstanding to do’s.
It is not very often that we find ourselves in a situation where we have unexpected time just for us, and even if we do find a quiet spot in the diary, we don’t always use it productively.

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Time management is a skill many of us struggle with; even the most high-powered of people use the skills of others to make sure they are as productive as possible. If you don’t have an Assistant or team, it can be hard to delegate the more time consuming, mundane jobs that perhaps slow down your productivity and prevent you from maximising your time.
It is a good idea to block an hour a week in your diary to give you the opportunity to plan, refocus or just do nothing. You could pick up a task which has been left at the bottom of the to do list; like the filing, expenses or the blog that has yet to be written. Or catch up on the phone calls that you meant to make but never got around to. Maybe even book an appointment for a personal appointment such as Reiki or some kind of pampering for you.
60 minutes can sharpen the mind and help to give quality time to one or two key things that will improve your overall feeling of satisfaction and achievement.
So, if you made a list of 3 things you could do within an hour that would make the biggest impact to your work or personal life right now, what would they be? Just remember to schedule in an hour once a week and plan for it so each one of the 60 minutes is well used and contributes to your goals.
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