What does it take to be awesome?

Be (1)We are all different; different shapes and sizes, different goals and dreams, different abilities and skills, knowledge and experience. But as individuals we can all be awesome.

Recently, I was watching the Lanzarote Ironman in Puerto Del Carmen. As with any Ironman, this is a very tough competition and not for the faint hearted. It was a 3.8kms swim in the freezing Atlantic at 7am and if not completed in 2.5 hrs they were disqualified, then a 180km bike ride up and down the mountains and then a 42km marathon run in the scorching heat! If they did not complete the whole triathlon by midnight then they were disqualified.

It was amazing; awe inspiring. The contenders were not all slim or muscles, the men and women were all shapes and ages. There was a guy running all bandaged up, it looked like his arm was broken and had obviously fallen off his bike, but he kept going until the end.

So what makes one person able to keep going whilst others cannot? What is it about us that gives us the opportunity to succeed where others fail?

As a coach, I believe it is a combination of things: passion, focus, determination, drive and positive thinking. If you have all of these then you will have the will, belief and strength to push forward in any area of your life and succeed in being awesome. You will create your own USP that will make you stand out from the crowd and be able to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Any successful person will tell you, they couldn’t do it alone, and seek support and guidance from others regardless of their field of expertise.

Sometimes we need to really search and understand what drives us as individuals. That is where coaching comes in; it gives you the time to think and review what you are truly passionate about, to allow you to focus on the right areas, and to create positive thoughts and determination that drive your success. Coaching is a support mechanism to help you achieve awesome.

When you bottle up that winning combination, you will make a fortune.


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